Conical Technologies

Traco Power has a new non-linear device for those wide input applications where the standard 78xx regulators just will not work. The new TSRN-1 series step-down switching regulators, in a SIP-package, are drop-in replacement for inefficient 78xx, TO-220 package, linear regulators.

A high efficiency of up to 95% allows full load operation up to +70°C (+85°C with derating) ambient temperature without the need of any heat-sink or forced air cooling. The TSRN-1 switching regulators provide other significant features over linear regulators, i.e. better output accuracy (±2%), lower standby current of ~2 mA and no requirement of external capacitors.

They are suitable for positive or negative output circuits. The high efficiency and low standby power consumption make these regulators an ideal solution for energy sensitive applications.
The TSRN-1 series has a wide input range up to 42VDC and delivers 1000mA at voltages ranging from 1.5VDC to 15VDC. The TSRN-1 series has over-temperature and short circuit protection and excellent line/load regulation.

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