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Tibtronix advanced SFP Modules in Process control and automation

With the world moving into the fourth Industrial revolution and the development of IOT, the realization that connectivity will be the key to optimized processes and production for future progress. LAN, Wi-Fi, and Laura-WAN has always been the preferred method for the establishment of an IOT enabled plant or factory floor and still makes up most of the connectivity for IOT. The situation changes somewhat when you look at noisy environments as well as the core networks handling these IOT connectivity.

In a noisy environment where interference causes un-reliable connectivity and in-accurate information, the only solution is to establish a fibre network. Because fibre networks make use of light instead of RF or electrical signals, these networks are not as susceptible for outside interference and generally has higher data rates. As for the core network transporting the data from the systems and sensors to the cloud and due to the large volumes of data been moved, fibre networks have found a more common place. In these environments the stability of the fibre network is also key to ensure the reliability and uptime of the network.

To enable the seamless flow of IOT data, modern network switches and devices rely on advanced SFP modules to connect to these fibre networks. Most network switch manufactures have a range of fibre switches to select for different applications and environments. Having reliable SFP modules ensures network stability and ensures that data is transported safely to the cloud where users and customers can have access.

Tibtronix, an industry leader in advanced SFP, SFP+, QSFP+ modules have optical modules to suit every application. These SFP modules are manufactured to the highest standard. Tibtronix is accredited and qualified to be used in network products from most mainstream OEM’s.

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