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Earthing Audit

It is crucial to conduct regular inspections and testing of earth electrode systems to maintain their safety and effectiveness.

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Lightning Arrester

A lightning arrester is an essential device that plays a crucial role in safely conducting high voltage surges on the power system to the ground. Its purpose is to provide a low impedance path for these surges, ensuring the protection of the electrical system.

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Lightning Protection & Grounding

Earthing and lightning protection are two distinct practices that involve grounding, but they have separate objectives. Earthing primarily focuses on ensuring daily electrical safety, while lightning protection aims to minimize the risks associated with lightning strikes.

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EMI Leakage Testing

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Testing refers to the presence of electronic noise that disrupts cable signals and compromises signal integrity.

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Power Quality Analysis

- Have visibility on power quality.
- With visibility, make interventions and mitigate risk.
- Measure according to NERSA (NRS 048) specification.
- Receive recommendations and solutions for harmful disturbances.

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