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  • Parallel redundancy power module March 26, 2024
    The LIR40-40 is a wide input range DC-DC module, with a constant output of 48 V at a nominal output current of up to 40 A.
  • Multi-channel electronic load series February 29, 2024
    ITECH has recently announced the release of their upgraded IT8700P+ series multi-channel electronic loads. This new series supports master-slave parallel configuration between all the modules, allowing for different modules to be mixed and matched for synchronisation.
  • PV DC-DC converter February 28, 2024
    This new series from Mornsun is designed for renewable energy applications, and boasts an ultra-wide and ultra-high 300 to 1500 V DC.
  • High-voltage PSUs for optic applications February 20, 2024
    For all applications in electronic optics, it is crucial to have a reliable power supply or capacitor charger, with high precision, stability, and efficiency.
  • DC/DC converters with ultra-wide input range November 20, 2023
    The THN 15UIR and THN 20UIR series from Traco are high-performance DC/DC converters with an ultra-wide 12:1 input voltage range and a power output of 15 and 20 W respectively.
  • Graphical source measure unit October 24, 2023
    The IT2800 Series from ITECH are compact and cost-effective bench-top source measure units with the capability to source and measure both voltage and current.
  • Advanced graphite embedding capability for PCB thermal management October 23, 2023
    Teledyne Labtech has announced a major new capability, allowing the embedding of layers of synthetic graphite within RF and microwave PCBs. This provides weight savings for applications where size, weight, and power (SWaP) are key.
  • Ultra-slim EMC filter for AC and DC August 29, 2023
    Mornsun has announced its new ultra-slim EMC filter for AC and DC applications which has a universal brick footprint, making it an ideal replacement for other more expensive filters.
  • Conical Technologies: A growing enterprise June 29, 2023
    Conical Technologies, a company specialising in microwave, power supplies and lithium-based batteries, DC to DC converters, EMF safety, and fibre equipment, was started in 2010.
  • Range of DC/DC power converters June 28, 2023
    The new URF1D_FB-400(H)WR3 series of converters, released by Mornsun, is a high-performance DC/DC converter that features 400 W output power, and is specifically designed for a variety of railway applications.

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