Conical Technologies

Mini-Circuits launched their new ZX60-53LN+ amplifier. The ZX60-53LN+ is a low-noise amplifier offering industry-leading performance over its full frequency range from 500 MHz to 5 GHz. The internal MMIC amplifier ZX60-53LN+ utilizes E-PHEMT technology to achieve excellent noise figure performance in a unique cascade configuration enabling the combination of very wide band performance and flat gain.

This device has an Ultra-flat gain of ±0.7 dB from 500 to 2000 MHz and has a high IP3 of 32 dBm typ. providing enhanced linearity over the broad frequency range. It also has a gain of 25 dB typ. that reduces the number of gain stages, lowering components count and overall system cost.

This design operates on a single 5V supply and comes in a rugged, compact unobody case (0.74 x 0.75 x 0.46″) with SMA connectors, providing high reliability and excellent survivability in critical applications, making it an excellent candidate for tough operating conditions and crowded system layouts.

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