Conical Technologies

Brooklyn New York, Mini-Circuits announced the release of the latest addition to their amplifier family, the AVA-183P+.

The AVA-183P+ is an InGaAs E-PHEMT based wideband, positive gain slope MMIC amplifier with a wide frequency range from 0.5 to 18 GHz. This design operates on a single 5V supply, is well matched for 50Ω and comes in a tiny, low profile package (3 x 3 x 0.89mm), accommodating dense circuit board layouts.

The AVA-183P+ is a useful device for compensating negative gain slopes of most wideband microwave components and eliminating the need for equalization. The positive gain slope of this device is from 6.8dB at 0.5 Ghz to 10.8dB at around 18 GHz typically with a slope gradient of 0.13dB/GHz between 0.5-10GHz and 0.25dB/GHz between 10-18GHz. The AVA-183P+ has a typical 20.2dBm IP3 over the band with a noise figure of 5.44dB.

This device finds use in Typical Applications that include X-Band radar and EW systems and Satcom applications.

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