Conical Technologies

Brooklyn New York, World-renowned manufacturer of RFand microwave parts, Mini-Circuits, has just launched their new range of absorptive Gain Equalizers. The new EQY series of Gain Equalizers are fabricated using highly repetitive GaAs IPD* MMIC process incorporating resistors, capacitors and inductors having negative insertion loss slope. EQY series are available with nominal attenuation slope of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 dB. They are packaged in tiny 2 x 2 mm 6-Lead MCLPTM package.

The wide range of available values enables circuit designers to change nominal insertion loss values without motherboard redesign making the EQY series ideal for select at test application.

With the wide frequency band operation of DC to 45 GHz, the EQY series supports a wide array of applications including wireless cellular, microwave communications, satellite, defense and aerospace, medical broadband and optic applications.

The Negative Insertion Loss Slope vs. Frequency performance makes the EQY series useful for compensating negative gain slope of amplifiers, receivers, transmitters to achieve flat gain versus frequency.

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