Conical Technologies

The new IT-M3100 series power supplies from ITECH breaks through the traditional tech limits, in the ultra compact size of only 1U Half-Rack. The unit can not only output high power, but also has high performance and versatility. It supports the master-slave parallel mode. The full range of models support multiple stacking and parallel connection by handily designing “leg” plug-in. Fit with rack mount kit to achieve the perfect use.

IT-M3100 series consists of 12 models, providing 6 voltage grades, and can be combined to achieve a variety of output power. It has a flexible modular architecture, independent multi-channel design, and supports synchronous operation. Users can configure each channel according to the test requirements of DUT, up to max. 16*16 channels, to meet the needs of customized solutions. It has a wide range of application values and is suitable for a variety of applications such as research and development, design verification and automatic test systems integration.

IT-M3100 series can test batteries with its battery charging function. The users can set different parameters as turn off conditions: voltage, current, capacity and charging time. When any of the above parameters meet the set condition, it will shut off the test automatically. During the process, the users can observe the voltage, charging time and capacity. Additionally, IT-M3100 can be operated with software, which to achieve reliable auto-test solution.

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