Conical Technologies

Interconnect solutions


A complete offering of RF/Microwave connectors from traditional standards to Frequencies up to 110GHz, Power up to 15KW @ 60MHz.

Cable Assemblies

RF cable assemblies featuring an extensive selection of existing choices or give us your specs for custom assemblies.


Adapters, Between Series, In Series of every major connector type to provide our customers with maximum flexibility.


Choose from Anoison’s high quality, high performance Flexible, Semi-Rigid, Formable, Corrugated or Armored Test Cables.

Test & Measurement

Adapters, Connectors, Cables, and Accessories designed specifically for stable mechanical and electrical performance in test and measurement applications.

Delay Lines

High performance delay lines made from semi-rigid cable for use in confined space.


Fixed Attenuators designed to reduce the power of a signal with minimal effect on its waveform.


Choose from a variety of coaxial terminations covering a wide range of frequencies and power levels used in a variety of measurement systems.

DC Blocks

DC blocks are passive coaxial components that prevent (block) the flow of direct current (DC) frequencies to RF signals


Select from a range of tools including wrenches and installation/extraction tools used to properly install or disassemble a wide range of coaxial connectors.


A wide range of accessories for interconnect solutions including hermetic seals, launch pin, dust cap, and much more.

Power Divider

2-way and 3-way Power Dividers.


Browse our selection of coupler products.

Waveguide to Coax Adapters

Waveguide to Coax Adapters of different waveguide sizes and connectors.