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Since 1986 the Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has developed a unique expertise in the visualization of electromagnetic waves. The latest addition to their list of EMF Exposure monitors is the EME Wide.

A sophisticated high performance wideband electromagnetic field meter to monitor and record EMF exposure. The EME Wide is equipped with a triaxial probe which guarantees measurement isotropy. The performance of this sensor has been optimized to ensure excellent isotropy. The device covers a frequency range of 100KHz to 6 GHz, making it ideal for testing of 5G radiation exposure. The device has three measurement units that can be selected. The units are V/m, A/m and W/m2.

The EME Wide is designed for workers working near antenna systems or other potential high risk radiation environments. The intended users include antenna and radio equipment installers and maintenance workers on radio and television broadcaster high sites, satellite stations, and cellular carrier sites. The EME Wide ensure compliance of the exposure levels with the standards and safety perimeter definition. The EME Wide is also ideal for Certification laboratory and Regulatory bodies for control and monitoring of the exposure in public or private locations and site certification.

The EME Wide Analysis software enables two usages. The first is importation mode enabling download and visualization of measurements recorded in the embedded memory of the device and the second is real time mode enables measurement start from the PC, visualization in real time of measurements, and exporting data to a file.

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