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Low Voltage Drives

As the leading VFD manufacturer, VEICHI Electric provides a full range of products such as low voltage inverter at wholesale price. If you need high performance AC low voltage inverters for your system, then you’ve already come to the right place as VEICHI provides a wide range of choices that you can rely on. According to our customer requirements, VEICHI has developed AC310, AC10 and more lower voltage frequency inverter models which are best selling products with great quality, outstanding performance, high stability and accuracy.

AC310 Series Variable Frequency Drive - AC Drive

AC310 series AC Drive VFD of VEICHI is a product that continues to be developed on new high-performance vector technology platform.

AC10 Series Variable Frequency Drive - AC Drive

AC10 series frequency drive is a product developed on the latest technology platform of VEICHI. AC10 products are based on the market demand for miniaturization, high reliability and high cost

AC01 Series Network Type AC Drive

AC01 network type acdrive is designed with a wire groove on the terminal side. The control wires and the main circuit wires can be directly bundled and guided to the junction slot. Ensure beautiful wiring

AC330 Special Frequency Inverter for Synchronous Reluctance Motor

The AC330 series inverter is further optimized on the VEICHI AC310 product platform, integrating the drive control concept of the synchronous reluctance motor, and developing a new vector control

AC200 High Performance Vector Control AC Drive

VEICHI AC200 series AC drive is developed with advanced real-time high performance vector control algorithm.

AC70 Series Variable Frequency Drive - AC Drive

VEICHI AC70 is a powerful sensorless vector power control ac drive for induction motor. The sensorless vector control drive is of high reliability and powerful functions.

AC70E Portable Mini Frequency Inverter

VEICHI AC70E is a portable mini frequency inverter which is small in size with vector control mode. The micro tech power inverter is a small general purpose inverter.

Medium Voltage Drives

The medium voltage drives are developed on the basis of VEICHI AC60 platform which is mature and stable. With enhanced software and hardware, Veichi medium voltage drive features latest technologies, high performance, efficiency, reliability and safety to your system. Want to learn our low voltage inverters and high voltage inverter? Applications: they can be applied perfectly in various industries such as pumps, fan, water treatment, oil, paper making, mining as well as other fields. If you use Veichi medium voltage inverters on your operation system, they will keep your system running more safely with reduced energy consumption, increased productivity and decreased CO₂ emission.

ACP30 Medium Voltage AC Drive

ACP30 medium voltage AC drive features high-performance vector control for general purposes.

ACH100 Medium Voltage Inverter

ACH100 series are medium voltage inverters developed and manufactured by VEICHI. It provides 6KV, 10KV and other models with good quality.

ACH200 Series Medium Voltage AC Drive

ACH200 series are medium voltage inverters developed and manufactured by VEICHI. It provides 3kV/3.3kV/6kV/6.6kV/10kV/11kV with good quality.

Multi-motor Drive Inverter

VEICHI AC800 series multi-motor drive inverters are a new generation of high-performance, high-end frequency conversion speed regulation products and technology platforms. It adopts a modular design and a common DC bus scheme. Provide the driving core for energy saving and emission reduction of enterprises, and meet the diversified inverter function requirements of industrial enterprises.

AC800 series engineering multi-drive inverter

AC800 series engineering multi-motor drive inverter is a high-performance, high-end inverter created by VEICHI after years of technical accumulation, in-depth market research, and demand

Four-quadrant Inverter

AC830 series four-quadrant inverter cabinet belongs to VEICHI’s four-quadrant frequency conversion speed regulation product technology platform. It adopts ARM+FPGA dual control architecture, ultra-efficient and energy-saving drive. The AFE active rectification feedback scheme is adopted to effectively reduce the harmonic content on the grid side. Perfect without harmonics, full drive and full control, compatible with the drive control of asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, and high-speed motors.

AC830 Series Four-quadrant Inverter

  • High-performance control platform
  • Suitable for various types of loads
  • Excellent four-quadrant feedback capability
  • High precision and fast response

VFD Accessories

Except general purpose and special purpose frequency inverters, Veichi also provides various kinds of quality variable frequency drive accessories and options, including brake unit, RS485 communication module, Profibus-DP card, LCD keyboard, PG card, signal board and etc.

BU30 Series Brake Unit

VEICHI BU30 series brake unit is widely used in mechanical occasions which require fast braking speed.