Conical Technologies

DIN-Rail Harsh Industry and Ex environment Power supplies By Traco Power

Traco Power, an industry leader in DC/DC converters, AC/DC switching power supplies and customer-specific power supply solutions has a dedicated series of Din-Rail power solutions harsh industry. The TSP series models has High immunity against electrical disturbances and rugged metal casing make these modules the best choice to power sensitive loads in industrial process systems, […]

Traco Non-Isolated regulator

Traco Power has a new non-linear device for those wide input applications where the standard 78xx regulators just will not work. The new TSRN-1 series step-down switching regulators, in a SIP-package, are drop-in replacement for inefficient 78xx, TO-220 package, linear regulators. A high efficiency of up to 95% allows full load operation up to +70°C […]