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Charging a battery requires control of voltage level and charge current. The SynQor High Voltage Non-Isolated (HV NiQor) converter provides the power conversion platform for battery charging. The NiQor family has an output current limit feature that is externally controlled for constant-current charging. The current can be set with an external resistor or an active circuit for precise control. These devices have an ideal diode output stage with zero back-drive currents prevents discharge of battery when not charging.

The output voltage set-point is independently controlled through the trim pin while the unit will smoothly transition between current and voltage modes as the charging cycle needs charge.

The SynQor HV NiQor non-isolated switching converters are uniquely configured to boost or buck the input voltage to a regulated output voltage. Where most non-isolated converters only step the input voltage one way (up or down), the SynQor HV NiQor can provide an output voltage above or below the input voltage. In addition, a dedicated pin gives the user access to control the current limit threshold at the output. Output current can be monitored via the share pin and modules can be directly connected for active load sharing. Of course, the modules are well protected with short circuit current protection, overcurrent protection, output over-voltage protection and over temperature protection.

The HV NiQor family is available in a variety of power outputs from 800watt all the way to 2000 watt and three different input voltage ranges of 2-20 VCD, 9-40VDC and 9-90VDC with output voltage ranges of 0-20VDC, 0-40VDC and 0-90VDC. With the added advantage of parallel connection to increase the available power, these output ranges makes the SynQor NQ range of non-isolated converters ideal for the management and charging of most battery technologies available today.

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